Thursday, July 29, 2010

POD UX2 Review - Guitar/Bass Recording Gadget


This is it, finally for almost three weeks of waiting, it's in our hands baby. The POD UX2 came into our mind with my friend Lemuel when we bump in some sites with the words "USB direct recording". We're checking two recording gadgets in the market namely M-Audio and the Line 6 POD.

Crappy phone shot of our POD UX2 (while recording)

Ease of Use: Yeah this is cool, no power cables needed just the USB cable, plug it into the UX2 direct to your Laptop/PC. Once you've installed the POD Farm 2, you can do your trial and error thing, checking the Amps, Effects and other stuff what POD Farm has to offer. You'll end up tweaking and playing for a good amount of time. 

What i like about this thing is that, there is a S/PDIF at the back. Also you can record your voice because there is a Mic input at the left side.

Reliability & Durability: What i didn't like about this product is that, it is totally light and was expecting for a heavier product (if you're thinking of a recording gadget) like 1 lbs or higher. I think it would not work in an abusive musician, but it'll work for us cause we take good care on our things. Read some reviews that bumps and drops would cause this thing to fail. Software-wise, no problem at all, packed with good recording software that the users will enjoy.

Impression: I would definitely buy another one if this thing was stolen and would recommend it to a friend with the same interest as mine. Definitely worth buying product.

Check out for more details and more products.

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