Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eximus Novus Pedalboards (a review)

Last, August 18, 2010 after a month of waiting, my pedal board bag just landed. After work went straight home opened the package and taran a classy black PB bag pops out. Grab my rig and placed it inside whoa lah it perfectly fits.

I've found Mr. Luigi (owner of EXN Pedalboards/PB Bags/Guitar-Bass Bags) in a forum in a community of musicians in Philippines and Filipinos abroad.

I told them to change the stripes into a cross to make it a simple one (let them customize it a bit), and the pocket with zippers in case of travelling. Also, added double paddings in the bag to protect the gadgets and board inside.

How bout the price/breakdown?

Paid P1000 only (650 bag + 120 double padding + 230 shipping). They're from Dumaguete, Philippines so if you're not from that town they can ship the item.

Last thoughts, you need to be patient in dealing with Luigi, because musicians all over the Philippines orders to him.

For more details check the link below, but before that you need to login and create an account to view his advertisement, also check out their Facebook account.,76364.0.html

I would recommend this to a friend. Feel free to share.
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