Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Impossible - Anberlin's new single

"Impossible" Anberlin's brand new single from the upcoming new album is out now. The Alternative Songs Chart currently sits the song at number 18 and three weeks in a row in the number 1 spot of Greatest Gainer. These quintet Florida modern-rocker's upcoming fifth album is giving them a good way. The Album is entitled "Dark is the Way, Light Is a Place," will be released on September 21st.

Producer Brendan O'Brien produced the upcoming album, which Stephen Christian (frontman) said that he is one of those kind. O'Brien's daughter introduced him to the band that led him to offer them to make "Dark is the Way, Light is a Place."

Fans of Anberlin should check out the upcoming tours here:
1. Band Website
2. Band Myspace
3. Follow them @anberlin

On the other side, Christian and Copeland's Aaron Marsh are making plans for Anchor and Braille for a vinyl release of the debut album "Felt" and the second upcoming album.

Before leaving check out the Official Music Video of "Impossible."

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