Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two Approach in Social Media

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Since the start of Social Media, young and old participate on it. In my high school years, I started using friendster.com which i deleted, then college years opened my myspace.com/bramasuncion page which is still online, after college opened my facebook.com/thebramasuncion account which in that time only american people are using it and after that my twitter.com/thebramasuncion page.
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Two (2) approaches of people in using Social Media:
  1. Friends/Colleagues/for Fun
  2. Business  
First approach is about gaining friends only and for fun. A lot of people use Social Media in this way, they follow their friends, celebrities, bands, singers, participate in trending topic, post to their wall, play games like (farmville) and other stuff without gaining anything.

Second approach is best in using Social Media, the combination of social and business. In my place (Cebu City) I've seen a lot of my friends profit in their local business using Social Media, and so with other top businesses around the world. Also, found out that businesses that don't use Social Media turns down.
Just to remind you that Social Media keeps changing as what thenextweb.com said "...Welcome to reality. Social media, by the very nature of how it operates, is semantic. It will change and mold to the things that give it meaning. Facebook started as a college website and has now become one of the world’s largest gaming platforms. It did so because that’s what people wanted. They gave Facebook a new definition and the site changed accordingly."

Why not give Social Media a try.

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