Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Vampire Diaries - New Season


Fans of this TV series, prepare now for the upcoming new season. New appearances and more thrills in the new season. We'll see more Anna played by Malese Jow who died during the last season finale in the season 2 which gives as description of the upcoming season.

Tyler's Uncle Mason (Taylor Kinney-Trauma star), will be around Mystic Falls, according to TVGuide. He will be the new Lockwood Villain. Also, Uncle Jonathan (David Anders) will appear for at least 1 episode in the new season, but no confirmation yet coming from

Katherine "the crazy evil vampire" will appear on season 2, and the Salvatore brothers will switch roles, too. Damon becomes the good guy and Stefan turns on his evil sides but still protects Elena.

More upcoming scenes that you don't expect will come out. Check the links below for more about "Vampire Diaries" season 2 before leaving.

The Vampire Diaries cast at Comic-Con 2010. Also check the Premiere date of Vampire Diaries Season 2.

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