Monday, August 2, 2010

What is WikiLeaks or Wikileaks?

You might ask what is wikileaks. Wikileaks is based in Sweden known as an international organization. Random submissions of what they called "leaks" of unavailable document(s) is what they publishes, but they preserve the anonymity of their sources. The Sunshine Press runs it's website which launched back in 2006.

They described that Chinese dissidents, mathematicians, journalists and company technologist from US, Europe, Asia and South Africa has founded the organization. Julian Assange described by the The New Yorker magazine as its director.

The site grown to more than 1.2 million documents published within a year of launching. Moreover, Wikileaks is now the first or the ground for unauthorized, accurate accounts, documents and also video from not far battlefields in the world.

A Afghan War Diary was released this year with compilation documents more or less 90,000 documents of the war. Some of the release or documents from this site is not available for public review.

Check the History here | WikiLeaks History

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