Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Norma Jean - Meridional Album Artwork 2010

This CD of mine just landed September first week and I'm diggin' the new songs of Norma Jean. One thing that never stop me from getting their physical CDs is the artwork. Some says their weird because of their artwork never connects to their faith (to those who not knew--NJ is a Christian Band), but it's up to the viewer/listener. Their artwork is mind-blowing from their first album to Meridional.

Artwork is done by Jason Oda (starvingeyes.com) Check out the slide show below.

Meridional Cover 

Click here to view the original size: www.flickr.com

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photoshop will be the Future of Photography?

Image representing Adobe Systems as depicted i...Image via CrunchBase
I'm a fan of photography and use all resources available to shoot a nice view, a scene, people, dogs and others. I don't have a professional camera but i got a crappy phone with camera, sometimes i use Kathy's iPhone to take photos.

Now the interesting part is in this video, Sooner or later if this software will be available in the market the future of photography will be in the hands of Photoshop... and soon you don't need to have a pro cam to get a great photograph.

In the video, Adobe’s re-thinking the way we capture images and in the future we may never have to miss that perfect shot. Using an array lens, next-gen software and a very powerful computer loaded with NVIDIA GPUs, the Adobe researchers demonstrated how taking several images at once can offer a lot of flexibility. Want to choose a new focal point, slightly shift your vantage point or flip a 2D image into 3D?

In its current form, the demo requires camera lenses and software that isn’t commercially available, but it is indeed interesting to see what the future may hold.

Link source: gottabemobile.com
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twitter Two-Pane - Twitter.com Hatches Today


MG Siegler (2 hours ago)-I’m here live at the event Twitter is holding at their headquarters in San Francisco to show off — well, something. A part of it is inline pictures and videos in the main Twitter stream, but it’s anyone’s guess what else they have up their sleeves. One hint may be this egg that on screen right now.

The agenda states there will be an intro by co-founder Biz Stone, an announcement by CEO Evan Williams, then a Q&A session with Williams, head of product Jason Goldman, and Kevin Cheng who is on the product team.

Link source and full story | techcrunch.com

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Underoath signs to Roadrunner Records

Just two hours ago (from the time I posted this blog) Underoath announced that they've signed to Roadrunner Records to release their new album worldwide.

Roadrunner Records are proud to announce the signing of the double-Grammy-nominated, Tampa-based rockers, UNDEROATH for the world, ex-US and Canada.

The sextet’s last two releases debuted at No.2 and No.8 on the Billboard album chart in the US, with their forthcoming seventh studio album, ‘Ø (Disambiguation),’ expected to deliver a new high watermark for UNDEROATH. The album is set for an 8th November release.

On this album cycle, UNDEROATH also welcome new drummer Daniel Davison (ex-Norma Jean) to the ranks, alongside Spencer Chamberlain (vocals), Grant Brandell (bass), Tim McTague and James Smith (guitars) and Chris Dudley (keyboards).

Full story here | roadrunnerrecord.co.uk

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top 10 Twitter Users

Twitter has played a big part in social media in our time. People, Businesses, Celebrities, Organizations and more engaged in this micro blogging site. I'm also a twitter user, i enjoyed connecting to my friends, sharing something about my followers and read twits from people I follow.

So, here's the Top 10 Twitter Users with the most followers.

10. @ashleytisdale - 3,477,179 followers (+35,305 NEW)
09. @johncmayer - 3,692,209 followers (+25,174 NEW)
08. @taylorswift13 - 4,144,184 followers (+63,777 NEW)
07. @Oprah - 4,184,902 followers (+42,772 NEW)
06. @KimKardashian - 4,711,565 followers (+80,728 NEW)
05. @TheEllenShow -  5,172,961 followers (+33,054 NEW)
04. @BarackObama - 5,294,046 followers (+113,091 NEW)
03. @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) - 5,716,758 followers (+62,345 NEW)
02. @britneyspears - 5,864,237 followers (+64,634 NEW)

and the top of all twitter users is no other than...

01. @ladygaga - 6,108,257 followers

Screen shot here | Top 10 Twitter User
Follow me @thebramasuncion.

Source: wefollow.com 

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Switchfoot on-tour with The Almost

Most of you have heard the band switchfoot from the movie A Walk to Remember, after 2 years, they've released their new album 'Hello Hurricane' and will tour around Latin America and US. Switchfoot is one of the bands that inspired me because of what they believe and their music, this time The Almost will support them in their entire US tour. The Almost is fronted by Aaron Gillespie (ex-Underoath). Listen to them here: myspace.com/thealmost

If Switchfoot will come back to the Philippines, I will absolutely see them live. Check out the statement below from Switchfoot:

There have been rumors circulating but we are thrilled to confirm 100% that we are touring with The Almost!  We had the pleasure of rocking with these guys in San Diego at Bro Am and are super excited to bring them on the road this fall. Tour dates with The Almost begin October 1st, and tickets for most shows go on sale today, September 2nd. Visit our website for more information on the shows and how to purchase tickets.  --Switchfoot

9/10 - Heredia, Costa Rica - Torre Geko
9/11 - Bogota, Colombia - Teatro Metropol
9/12 - Mexico City, Mexico - Jose Cuervo Salan
9/14 - Guatemala City, Guatemala - Parque De La Industria
9/16 - Sao Paolo, Brazil - Carioca Club
9/17 - Ribeirao Preto, Brazil - RP Hall
9/18 - Goiana, Brazil - Centro de Convencoes @ Goiana
9/19 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - The Groove
- - - - - - - - -
10/1 - Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University
10/2 - Cheswick, PA - Ches A Rena
10/3 - Philadelphia, PA - The Electric Factory
10/5 - Richmond, VA - The National
10/6 - Norfolk, VA - The Norva
10/7 - Montgomery, AL - Huntingdon College Top Stage
10/8 - Baton Rouge, LA - Varsity Theatre
10/9 - Tyler, TX - Down Under (NEW!) *
10/10 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
10/14 - Omaha, NE - Sokol Auditorium *
10/15 - St. Charles, MO - Lindenwood University
10/16 - Kansas City, KS - Memorial Hall
10/28 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst (NEW!)
10/29 - Avila Beach, CA - Avila Beach Resort - Event Arena

(The Almost supporting all US dates except 10/10 and 10/28)

For more info visit switchfoot.com and The Almost

Hello Hurricane  Monster Monster

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cebu City's Tunnel going to SRP

Last Sunday night, Grace, one of the FriendlyFire crew shot a video inside Jon's van of the Tunnel from SRP (South Road Properties) going to SM Cebu. The video turned out great don't mind the background.

Check it out here.

Who are the FriendlyFire crew check them here:

FriendlyFire's Facebook Page: facebook.com/pages/FriendlyFire/
FriendlyFire's Blog: friendlyfirecebu.tumblr.com

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