Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photoshop will be the Future of Photography?

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I'm a fan of photography and use all resources available to shoot a nice view, a scene, people, dogs and others. I don't have a professional camera but i got a crappy phone with camera, sometimes i use Kathy's iPhone to take photos.

Now the interesting part is in this video, Sooner or later if this software will be available in the market the future of photography will be in the hands of Photoshop... and soon you don't need to have a pro cam to get a great photograph.

In the video, Adobe’s re-thinking the way we capture images and in the future we may never have to miss that perfect shot. Using an array lens, next-gen software and a very powerful computer loaded with NVIDIA GPUs, the Adobe researchers demonstrated how taking several images at once can offer a lot of flexibility. Want to choose a new focal point, slightly shift your vantage point or flip a 2D image into 3D?

In its current form, the demo requires camera lenses and software that isn’t commercially available, but it is indeed interesting to see what the future may hold.

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