Monday, November 8, 2010

God Rock Music - God Rock's The Outpost

Last November 5, 2010 I attended God Rock Music event at The Outpost "God Rock's The Outpost", the second time I watched the bands played. FriendlyFire crew was late because of the heavy traffic at the IT Park area.

Sorry didn't capture all the live performaces of all bands, but I did shoot some of it. Check out the videos below. Feel free to check out their facebook page below. Video captured using iPod touch 4G.

Bands line-up:
Andy Calope
Captains of a Hundred
Skul of Fish

Captains of a Hundred - *Untitled

Fervent - Breathe

Fervent - Tell me why
Still - *Untitled
Frontline - Intro and *Untitled song

Facebook Page:


To whom it may concern - please email me ( of the right song titles of the video posted (for editing) thanks.

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