Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anberlin Live Performance in Manila, Philippines & Our Short Trip in Manila

Share of my Christmas wish list 2011 was granted. Last March 9, 2010 together with my college friends Jon, Wyben, Grace with my brother Brian, went to Manila to watch Anberlin for the first time to perform with the Pinoy audience.

But before that, we visited some familiar place around Manila.  First stop, Luneta Park.


Second stop to Manila Ocean Park.

After the whole day trip the group head to a Travelers Inn and freshen up and get ready to the concert. Here's the complete set of the songs they've performed.  We don't have good photos taken of them during their performance 'cause the event organizers do not allow DSLR cameras.

Opening song:
1. We Owe this to Ourselves (Dark is the Way, Light is a Place)
...Followed by:
2. Paperthin Hymn (Never Take Friendship Personal)
3. Never Take Friendship Personal (Never Take Friendship Personal)
4. Disappear (New Surrender)
5. Closer (Dark is the Way, Light is a Place)
6. The Resistance (New Surrender)
7. Dismantle. Repair (Cities)
8. Art of War (Dark is the Way, Light is a Place)
9. A Day Late (Never Take Friendship Personal)
10. The Unwinding Cable Car (Cities)
11. Inevitable (Cities)
12. Godspeed (Cities)
13. Pray Tell (Dark is the Way, Light is a Place)
14. Impossible (Dark is the Way, Light is a Place)
15. Ready Fuels (Blueprints for the Black Market)
16. The Feel Good Drag
(New Surrender)
17. Adelaide
Final song:
18. Take Me (As You found me)
(Dark is the Way, Light is a Place)

With the help of my iPod4G, I filmed all of their performance in far view [not in a good quality] but, good sound quality. Here's three of the best they've performed:

They've ended the night with their song from Dark is the Way, Light is a Place Album title Take Me (As You Found Me) with confetti. Memorable night for me 'cause I've been listening to them since first year college, and I'm glad that my friends enjoyed it too so with my brother.

Check out the complete set list performance of Anberlin (far view) | here>>>

All photos are taken by Jon Ouano Photography
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